Where Integrity Meets Innovation


RIVIT Alliance is an SBA-certified 8(a) small business mentor-protégé joint venture (JV) established in 2024 between RIVA Solutions and ITegrity. Our JV is a collaborative community of experts driven by our unwavering commitment to deliver innovative solutions and services for the Federal government, ensuring enhanced performance, security, and value for digital transformation efforts, driven by our culture of integrity and excellence.

Company Values

At RIVIT, we aim to cultivate a vibrant, employee-centric culture where every team member is motivated by the mission, contributing to a transformative and lasting impact on government efficiency and effectiveness.

We always do what is right for not only our customers, but also for our employees. We are committed to creating positive social impact by engaging in and supporting our diverse community.

We invest in our employees. By cultivating a workplace that invests in personal and professional growth, we foster collaborative environment where ideas are valued and team efforts are directed towards common goals, enhancing productivity and innovation.

We are a deeply committed mission-driven organization, our success is measured by the impact we make on the missions of our federal clients.

We are adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of the federal sector, with the ability to quickly pivot strategies and solutions as required.

We believe in the transformative power of authenticity. We recognize that genuine interactions, transparent communication, and sincere relationships are the foundation of trust. By embracing authenticity, we foster a culture where our team members, clients, and partners feel valued and understood.

Our Mascot

Meet Snoop Frogg, the charming and dynamic mascot of RIVIT Alliance! With his vibrant green skin and an ever-ready smile, Snoop Frogg embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that RIVIT Alliance stands for. His keen eyes, symbolizing foresight and awareness, are always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities. Snoop Frogg’s friendly demeanor and approachable nature make him a beloved figure among our members and partners. Whether he’s leading events, hopping into meetings, or just brightening up our digital platforms, Snoop Frogg is the heart and soul of our community, inspiring us all to leap towards success and camaraderie in the tech world.  🐸✨